Hey hey! I’m Nana.

I help moms create easy passive income through digital products and real estate.

My Story

I was an overworked and underpaid attorney looking for a way to make more money outside of the corporate grind.

By this point, I'd cycled through many different careers including working on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers, in entertainment at NBC, in sales with Big Pharma, and finally as an Attorney.

And although I was "successful" in all these areas, I often looked around and saw not many people, including myself, were really happy in that grind corporate culture.

It was clear that the traditional route was just not for me.

On the side, back in 2014, I started a few successful Airbnbs. After helping a few friends start their own,

I decided to turn that knowledge into an online course.

Within the next few years, I created two successful Online Courses...

one that did 6 Figures in just 6 months!

But in order to make sales, I was doing the most online.

Post literally 5x a day, 7 days a week, creating content manually every single day.

And it all was working, but I was on the road to burnout.

Then in 2021 life hit me hard...

I was 23 weeks pregnant when, unfortunately, I got severe preeclampsia and had to deliver my baby girl early, and she passed.

The next year was full of grief, healing, and trying to get pregnant again.

I’m happy to share that I’m now fortunately a happy mom to my sweet baby boy.

But my business had taken a big hit.

I realized the original way I’d built my business was successful, but using unsustainable methods that relied solely on me.

What I like to call the “Solopreneurship Hustle Trap”.

I knew once I was ready to get back to business I needed to build things in a more sustainable, simple, and profitable way.

I decided to make a change...

So I took the next year and half to figure out how to truly build a business that was way more sustainable, let me live in my bag (my diaper bag), soft life era, and basically what the gen z’ers call the ‘lazy girl’ way lol.

As a new mom I realized this was even more important than ever because being a mom is the most rewarding, but 24/7 job I’ve ever had lol.

So I now focus on digital products like courses, ebooks, and workshops, and I now utilize AI to create and automate building these products.

I also created my ‘Passive Parent’ Content System to automate the content and marketing it takes to sell products.

The next part of the Passive Parent system is to funnel that money into passive real estate.

Why? Because I love having even more consistent income monthly.

So I’ve come up with a way to use creative financing to purchase real estate without using traditional banks and credit, and then renting those properties out smartly using Section 8 for guaranteed passive income.


Because again, I’m in my mommy and diaper bag ear, so knowing that the income is guaranteed every month is a must for me.

Now I share this system with other moms and parents

so they can build their own passive income machine

that once set up, allows them to have more ease, time with family, and fun!

I write about five topics to help you create joy and passive income in your life.

- The Passive Parent Way


Monetizing Knowledge with Digital Products >

Turn what you know into income. Explore unconventional ways to monetize your experience, and passion, creating revenue streams that capitalize on your skills & expertise.


A.I. + Automation >

Learn how to get more by doing less by automating your business using the power of emerging A.I. to your benefit.


Real Estate >

Create both legacy and consistent passive income through real estate, using both traditional and creative strategies.


Money + Wealth >

Grow your money mindset, and wealth using simple techniques to build for you and your family.


Personal Growth + Self Love >

Unlock your potential with a growth mindset, affirmations and self love. Discover tools and techniques that will foster personal development and open doors to a happier you.

I'll help you make passive income and get freedom.

Freedom to
unsubscribe from the 9-5 and hustle culture.

Freedom to
spend more time with your kids, family, and friends.

Freedom to
enjoy and enter your soft life era.

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